Hi! I am Luke Marzano, and I am the beard and glasses behind the camera!

I've loved photo and video my entire life, professionally, I accidentally fell in love with it in 2015. Some friends knew I was making and producing YouTube videos, so they asked me if I would film their wedding. I said Yes, and as soon as their wedding day started, I knew 1000% that this was something for me!

I remember driving home from the wedding on such an endorphin high, that I stopped at Sheetz and got chicken fingers and ginger-ale to celebrate! (which has now turned into a tradition after every wedding!

After posting my first highlight video, I received more people reaching out for video and photos! This quickly evolved into senior, engagement, headshots, maternity, and newborn photography as well!

In 2019, I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. After rounds of chemo, an 8+ hour surgery to remove my esophagus and place my stomach in my chest, more rounds of chemo + radiation, I (by God's grace) survived!

Given this new chance at life, I knew in an all too real way that life is short, and i needed to take chances on my dream! So I quit my job of 11+ years to go full-time into the world of photo and video.

Professionals say that you need to niche down when offering photo and video services, but i can't do that! I am a recorder of life, I love capturing all aspects of it! 

I'm often referred to the weird/interesting/creative photographer in the Mercer County area because I like to take chances with shots, I don't take myself too seriously, and I LOVE getting to meet you all and tell your stories through photo and video!

I am also an open book, so if you ever have questions, please feel free to ask!